State of the art golf course and resort in Guyana

For a number of months, EAME has been working hard with the international design team for a lifestyle community in Guyana. The project is phased and on the 19th October 2018, Lusignan Golf Club and the Jack Nicklaus Group signed a US$100m agreement to develop the first phase – a new state of the art golf course and resort in Guyana. Once complete, the development will include  executive houses, an international school, medical facilities and sports ground.

EAME has been present on the Design Team since its inception and Steve Rowan, EAME’s MD, noted that ‘as an environmental consultant, one of the frustrations of our work is that we are often plugged into a project well down the design path when it is too late to influence or even opine on the environmental & sustainability aspects of the project – we just assess the impacts. We are delighted to be involved in this landmark development project in Guyana, where we have been in the Design Team from Day 1. We have the remit from and support of the stakeholders in developing the sustainable design brief for this benchmark setting multi-faceted community development. We are going to ensure that this development accords with Guyana’s Green State Strategy and will be looking at energy, waste, water, construction materials, employment, local content, ecosystems, transport, climate change resilience, carbon performance’.

EAME offers a range of services allowing its clients to manage their environmental and social and has been involved with various infrastructure developments in Guyana since 2016 after it was identified as an emerging market with whom EAME could develop long-standing relationships and alliances.

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