About Us

EAME is a multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy practice that specialises in providing technical expertise and innovative solutions to complex and challenging environmental problems. The firm is based in the UK, Iraq, Kurdistan, Romania and Guyana which allows us to operate globally across a wide range of technical disciplines and industrial sectors.

EAME’s Environmental Scientists are a well established team of environmental consulting professionals whose core members began working together over 15 years ago and have remained together as an integrated team ever since. The EAME consultancy business model is built around people and relationships, the better the relationships between people (peers, clients, contractors) the better the health of the business and the projects.

The principles of the practice are based on:

  • Teamwork;
  • Meritocracy;
  • Mutual Respect;
  • Collective Effort;
  • Technical Excellence and;
  • Innovation

EAME is looking to develop and maintain long term relationships with its clients, associates and suppliers based on these principles.

We are proud to be members of the: