Environment Analyst – EAME Consultancy Model

EAME has been featured in another article within the Environment Analyst (January 2011). The article discusses our unique consultancy model where EAME (along with four other consultancies – all formerly employed by high-profile multidisciplinaries) have founded a series of small, specialist consultancies that operate independently while maintaining a ‘loose alliance’ that allows them to build multi-disciplinary teams as and when needed. The main benefit of a consortium of smaller companies is that we are able to offer highly experienced consultants at significantly lower rates than the larger firms, making us competitive in the current economic climate. As a result these flexible highly experienced teams can quickly and easily respond to client needs.

Environment Analyst is a publishing and business research organisation with a remit to track performance and opportunities within the environmental services sector, with a particular focus on the environmental consulting and support services market. It is possible to get a Free 7-day Trial to access Environment Analyst reports.

Environmental Survey For Port Sector Development, Iraq

EAME has just been awarded a major environmental baseline study in relation to a proposed Port re-development in Iraq. EAME has been appointed by the Japanese International Co-operation Agency (JICA) which is funding the project.

The project will involve conducting a detailed water quality survey (including field sampling and laboratory analysis) and an extensive sediment quality survey (including field sampling and laboratory analysis). In addition EAME will undertake a technical study and appraisal of candidate dumping sites for dredged materials (including field sampling and laboratory analysis). The candidate dumping sites will also be assessed to ascertain the current flora and fauna baseline conditions.

EAME is uniquely placed to offer services in this area after successful completion of the Environmental Baseline Survey (EBS) for the Sealine Project.