AMAR Foundation Gala Dinner

EAME were delighted to accept the invitation extended to them by AMAR, to attend the “Secret Garden” Gala dinner held at the Savoy.

EAME’s Managing Director attended where he was joined by VIPS, Middle Eastern business community members and representatives of the Iraqi, British and Lebanese governments.

The AMAR Foundation, whose Chairman is Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne, was set up to provide support for the under- served communities of the Middle East. Recently, much of their work has been focused on Iraq where figures suggest that 1 in 10 Iraqis are displaced. In particular, the emphasis of late has been on the plight of women and children, trafficked into Syria as sex slaves by Daesh. AMAR has been offering vital psychological support, made possible by monies raised through such social events.

EAME are frequent visitors to Iraq, providing our environmental expertise to industry, and hence we are very pleased to be able to support the vital work that AMAR conducts in the country.