EAME opens Romanian Office

EAME are pleased to announce EAME’s expansion into Romania. Romania’s industrial heritage has resulted in the legacy environmental issues and that Romania’s recent accession to the EU has resulted in new environmental legislation being written in Romania law. As such, EAME is well placed to use its hard-won knowledge and experience to provide pragmatic solutions to legacy problems and to ensure that Romanian businesses adhere to EU environmental legislation.

If you require further information or you want to enquire about our range of services please contact martyn.birchall@eame.co.uk

Earth & Marine Environmental Consultants SRL, 6 Maria Rosetti Street, 4th Floor, Bucharest, 2nd District.

EAME attends Guyana Business Event

EAME’s Managing Director, Steve Rowan, recently attended a number of networking and information sharing events concerning Guyana. This included a round-table meeting ‘Guyana Natural Resources in Focus’ held at the London Stock Exchange followed by a brunch presentation with the President of Guyana, His Excellency David Granger, at The Army & Navy Club on Pall Mall.

Steve also attended the Caribbean Council’s Annual Reception at the House of Lords. Here President Granger delivered an address along with Baroness Anelay, Minister of State of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and Dr. Angus McCoss, Exploration Director at Tullow Oil. The Annual Reception provides an opportunity for Members of Parliament, Peers, High Commissioners, Ambassadors, members of the UK civil service, non-governmental organisations, members of the Caribbean diaspora and businesses invested in or interested in investing in the Caribbean Region to network, with a view to supporting the Region’s economic development.

President Granger outlined that Guyana’s abundant resources, investment potential and its strengthened legal and regulatory framework for the national and multilateral investors. President Granger believes such investors are beginning to see Guyana as a new horizon that does not diminish the opportunities in other Caribbean States but adds to the overall value of the region as an investment destination.  “They could combine the benefits of having investments in the Caribbean with those in Guyana.  Guyana has got tremendous advantages as the only English-speaking country on the continent, as a law abiding country as opposed to a lawless country, as a country with significant land space and possibilities of developing infrastructure and eco-tourism… I think they were quite impressed and I am very confident that we will be receiving more inquiries and investments”, he said.

Dr. McCoss of Tullow Oil, which is conducting oil exploration on the edge of the Guiana-Suriname basin, which he described as the ‘industry’s hottest exploration hot spot’ and the Orinduik-Kanuku area, also spoke at the event and emphasised his company’s commitment to respecting President Granger’s push for environmental protection.

“A country rich with natural resources is both a great opportunity and a great responsibility for all stakeholders involved and as an oil and gas operator we must be careful to explore, develop and produce oil in the most responsible way [with] respect for both the natural environment, the health and safety of our workers and the communities of our host countries. The economic risks that oil and gas companies take up front are very significant… Once oil begins to flow that’s when the revenues start for both Government and the oil company”, he said.

Dr McCoss also noted that Tullow Oil is committed to ensuring that Guyanese benefit from any oil production it is involved in.  He said, “We understand that the oil exploration industry is still relatively new to the Guianas and the broader Caribbean region, although it is a highly prospective region. Ensuring the nationals of our host countries directly participate in the country’s oil industry is one of the key ways in which we work. We create shared prosperity. Now we have a strong track record, ahead of any legislative requirements, of doing this in our countries of operation. Our support of local business development has also been part of our longstanding commitment to shared prosperity.”

EAME has been operating in Guyana since 2016 and is involved in a number of environmental and social projects and found the opportunity to meet senior politicians and business leaders at these events useful. Mr Rowan and The President discussed sustainable development and mangrove protection opportunities amongst other things.

EAME is registered with the Guyanese Environmental Protection Agency to operate as an environmental consultancy.

Winner of the ICES 2016 Publishing Prize

The Chartered Institute of Civil Engineering Surveyors (ICES) has recently announced that the institution’s first ever Publishing Prize has been awarded to David Wells, EAME’s Technical Director for Iraq. The article, concerning the rehabilitation of Iraq’s deep sea ports, was published in the March 2016 issue of the Civil Engineering Surveyor and was judged to have won the geospatial engineering category.

2016 was the first qualifying year for the new prize, which aims to recognise the best articles published from ICES publications,. Judging panels, drawn from the institution’s Commercial Management Practices Committee and Geospatial Engineering Practices Committee, considered several criteria, including the use of new and existing technology, thought leadership and writing style.  


EAME is a now a member of the British-Romanian Chamber of Commerce (BRCC)

brccEAME are pleased to announce that EAME is a member of the British-Romanian Chamber of Commerce (BRCC). EAME has recently opened an office in Romania as EAME’s experience in dealing with the UK’s legacy environmental issues and the imposition of EU directives into local legislation will be an asset in this maturing market.

EAME hopes for a long and fruitful relationship with the BRCC.

Further details can be obtained from http://brcconline.eu/

Approved Vendor to IOCs in Iraq

iraqportEAME has been active in Iraq since 2010 and in that time EAME has become an approved vendor to PetroChina, BP, the Rumaila Operating Organisation (ROO), Shell and the Basra Gas Company after meeting strict Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental requirements.

In doing so, EAME’s QHSE policies, manuals and procedures have been audited by Ariba and ISNetworld to ensure regulatory and client specific requirements are met, making it easier for EAME to prequalify for potential projects.

EAME looks forward continuing these long-term relationships and developing new relationships with other IOCs over the coming years.

EAME Registered as Consultant with EPA in Guyana

guyanaIn accordance with Part II, Section 4 (3a) of the Environmental Protection Act, 1996, EAME (Guyana) Inc. (Company No. 9807) has registered with the EPA as an independent Environmental Consultant.

Our address is 19J Duncan Street, Lamaha Gardens, Georgetown, Guyana.





Winning New Business Through Internationalisation: Iraq

IBBC-logoEAME’s Technical Director for Iraq, David Wells, recently attended the joint NOF Energy – Iraqi British Business Council (IBBC) seminar entitled ’Winning New Business Through Internationalisation: Iraq’ held in NOF Energy’s offices in Durham. The seminar was an informal discussion of attendees’ experiences of Iraq, advice for companies not yet active in Iraq and common pitfalls and mistakes that can easily be avoided. As EAME has been active in Iraq since 2010, David was well placed to provide insight and knowledge in both Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The seminar attended representatives from various sectors including security, valve manufacturing, training and security vehicle sectors.

KRG signs landmark loan agreement with UK Government


On Thursday 8th December 2016, the  Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has finalised a loan agreement with UK Export Finance (UKEF), the UK’s export credit agency, to finance the first phase of a contract between the KRG and Biwater to deliver water and wastewater treatment services in Erbil and Sulaimani. Erbil will benefit from a 600m3/day water treatment plant whilst water treatment plant upgrades and the construction of wastewater and sludge treatment facilities will be undertaken in Sulaimani.

Rapid growth in recent years, fuelled by the oil industry, has placed significant stress on the water and sanitation infrastructure, resulting in deteriorating water quality, reduced security of supply and an increasing risk to health due to a lack of fundamental sanitation in the form of wastewater collection and treatment.

The existing water supply systems in both Erbil and Sulaimani comprise a mix of potable and non-potable water, provided by a combination of water treatment plant (WTP), boreholes located across the population centres, as well as surface water resources. Increased population growth in recent years has increased demand on existing resources. In particular, outlying communities suffer from an intermittent and insecure supply. Furthermore, as the yield from the existing wells is declining, this is placing pressure on the existing water treatment infrastructure.

The lack of effective sanitation poses severe health risks to the population in both cities and their regional communities, endangering groundwater resources, threatening the environment, health and wellbeing of their people. The need for improved water availability/security, the development of sanitation infrastructure and the regulation of available resources is therefore crucial to the health and wellbeing of these important population centres and their continued growth.


As part of the project, Biwater is currently undertaking an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and EAME is proud to be involved with a project which will have such widespread environmental and social benefits to Kurdistan. EAME has undertaken a preliminary site reconnaissance of the sites and has been involved with the scoping phase of the project and design of the environmental and social baseline studies. EAME will also be undertaking stakeholder engagement and the social impact assessment phase of the project.

Full details available from http://cabinet.gov.krd/a/d.aspx?s=040000&l=12&a=55189

Great North Run

NewcastleDavid Wells, one of the EAME team in Newcastle, completed the Great North Run on Sunday 11th September 2016 in aid of Bowel Cancer UK. Despite the rather unseasonal weather, David was able to complete the 13.1 mile course from Newcastle to South Shields in 1:37:09 and in doing so raised over £1,200 for a charity close to David’s heart.

Middle East Association (MEA) – Kurdistan

meaLast Wednesday (7th September 2016), David Wells, technical director for all of EAME’s Iraq project work, attended the Middle East Association’s roundtable meeting concerning Kurdistan. Chaired by David Lloyd OBE and attended by Karwan Jama Tahir, the Kurdistan High Representative to the UK, the meeting was entitled ‘Beginning of New Horizons’ and provided an overview of the developments and recent reforms in the Kurdistan, including the steps taken to overcome the financial and security challenges. Attendees were from across multiple sectors and included companies currently participating in the Kurdish marketplace and others who are planning to engage.

David was asked to provide his prospective on infrastructure developments as EAME has been active in Kurdistan and Iraq since 2010 and is currently engaged in a number of infrastructure projects in Kurdistan.