EAME CIWEM Article Iraqi water security

David Wells, technical director at EAME, has recently published an article concerning Iraqi water security in the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM)’s monthly members magazine ‘Environment’. EAME has been working in Iraq since 2010 on various environmental and social projects and is well-versed with the country’s environmental and social conditions and problems and was, therefore, well placed to provide such an analysis.

David reported on the country’s continuing water crisis concerning both water security and quality. Detailing the issues affecting water and the consequences on society, David also suggested potential remedial actions, such as the need for greater cooperation between riparian states.

The article was well received and it is hoped that the article provides CIWEM’s members with the knowledge that Iraq is in dire need for affirmative action with climate change likely to have an significant effect on an already water-stressed environment.   

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