EAME Presents at Mersey Maritime’s Face to Face Event

mmIn March 2016, EAME’s Managing Director provided an insight to the problems facing Iraq’s port sector. In a presentation, entitled ‘Rehabilitation of the Iraqi Port Sector’, EAME’s Managing Director provided an overview of the problems facing the sector, potential solutions as well as the EAME’s experience in this sector and region. EAME is ideally suited to provide such an insight as EAME has been heavily involved with the Iraqi port sector since 2011 having undertaken various projects and assessments including baseline assessments, environmental impact assessments, site investigations, marine traffic surveys and the installation and maintenance of tide gauges along the Khor Al-Zubair and Shatt Al-Arab Waterway.


EAME has been working in Iraq since 2010 and has offices in Basra and Erbil. EAME is currently looking for opportunities in Iran and intends to open an office in Bucharest, Romania in 2016.

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