EAME attends IEMA GESA Event: Opportunities in Digital Impact Assessment

EAME attended the recent IEMA Global Environmental and Social Assessment (GESA) seminar concerning Opportunities in Digital Impact Assessment. The seminar concerned how to produce and use data more consistently, how to manage environmental and social risks throughout development, and establishing (and using) digital platforms for ESIA. This is particularly interesting considering EAME’s use of remote sensing and GIS in Iraq due to the lack of available information and datasets.

EAME is an environmental consultancy based in UK, Iraq and Guyana who offer a range of environmental services including Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), contaminated land risk assessment, investigation and remediation, geotechnical site investigations, metocean studies, environmental auditing and environmental monitoring. EAME has undertaken several SIAs in Iraq across a number of sectors including port, oil and gas, water and wastewater.

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