Environment Analyst – Environmental Monitoring in Iraq

EAME has been featured in another article within the Environment Analyst (March 2012). EAME is to provide environmental monitoring services (both on and offshore) during the 20-month construction phase of a new oil pipeline in Fao, southern Iraq.

EAME is able to offer a range of earth and marine survey related services, including Environmental Impact Assessment, seawater and sediment (sea-bed) sample collection and chemical analysis, ecological surveys of fish, plankton, sea vegetation, sediment dwellers, land vegetation, insects, birds and mammals (including dolphins and whales), sampling and analysis of soils and groundwaters, monitoring noise and air quality, oceanographic monitoring, meteorological monitoring, marine traffic and land traffic surveys, fisheries activity surveys and assessment of the Socio-economic conditions

Environment Analyst is a publishing and business research organisation with a remit to track performance and opportunities within the environmental services sector, with a particular focus on the environmental consulting and support services market. It is possible to get a Free 7-day Trial to access Environment Analyst reports.

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