WTPS Khor Al-Zubair Oil Terminal Project, Iraq


Waterway Trading & Petroleum Services LLC (WTPS) have entered into an agreement with the Iraqi Ports Authority (General Company for Ports of Iraq – GCPI) to develop an oil products import facility on the Khor Al Zubair channel in Southern Iraq, close to the existing Khor Al Zubair Port.  The proposed development has been subjected to an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment to determine the baseline environmental and social conditions and to predict the potential impacts (positive and negative) of the proposed development.  The results of this study are presented in a comprehensive report which is downloadable via the links on this page.

Project Overview

As a result of armed conflicts, trade sanctions and isolation from the international community for decades, Iraq does not presently have the resources to provide refined petroleum products at a sufficient rate to meet demand. As such, WTPS intends to construct a new petroleum products Terminal on the Khor Al-Zubair River, close to the Khor Al-Zubair Port (KZP) in Southern Iraq. The proposed Terminal will provide a modern import facility and also a future export terminal for refined petroleum products that will be produced in Iraq.

The Terminal will provide berthing facilities, storage infrastructure, truck loading/unloading facilities and all associated utility and support systems for multiple berths capable of discharging vessels up to 47,000 deadweight tonnage (DWT). The construction of the Terminal will be phased: the first phase being a single Deeper Water Berth (DWB) and associated pipeline connection to the existing SKA Terminal. Subsequent additional phases will include storage tanks and associated utilities, with a potential storage capacity of up to 300,000m3. The Terminal will be constructed to the appropriate international industry standards using reliable and proven technology and will be operated in accordance with standards and practices generally prevailing in the petroleum marine terminal and storage industry.

ESIA Documentation

Non-technical Summary (English) (2.2 MB)
014-1287 ملخص تقييم الاثر البيئي والاجتماعي لمحطة ميناء خور الزبير النفطية REV00 (1.5 MB)
Scoping Report (1.2 MB)

ESIA Full Report (not including appendices) (15.6 MB)
ESIA Iraq Oil Terminal Cover Page & Contents (0.2 MB)
ESIA Iraq Oil Terminal Abbreviations and Acronyms (0.8 MB)
ESIA Iraq Oil Terminal Chapter 1 Introduction (1.3 MB)
ESIA Iraq Oil Terminal Chapter 2 Approach and Methodology (1.1 MB)
ESIA Iraq Oil Terminal Chapter 3 Project Description (2.3 MB)
ESIA Iraq Oil Terminal Chapter 4 Policy Legal Framework (0.6 MB)
ESIA Iraq Oil Terminal Chapter 5 Air (1.6 MB)
ESIA Iraq Oil Terminal Chapter 6 Land (2.0 MB)
ESIA Iraq Oil Terminal Chapter 7 Water Quality (2.1 MB)
ESIA Iraq Oil Terminal Chapter 8 Ecology (3.3 MB)
ESIA Iraq Oil Terminal Chapter 9 Socio-economic Conditions (1.6 MB)
ESIA Iraq Oil Terminal Chapter 10 Hazard Analysis (0.6 MB)
ESIA Iraq Oil Terminal Chapter 11 Summary and Conclusions (0.6 MB)

ESIA Technical Appendices (In Full) (3.2 MB)
Appendix A Contributors (0.2 MB)
Appendix B Constraint Map (0.3 MB)
Appendix C Public Consultation and Disclosure (0.2 MB)
Appendix D Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring Plan (0.3 MB)
Appendix E Commitments Register (0.2 MB)
Appendix F Chapter 5 (Technical Data) (0.2 MB)
Appendix G Chapter 6 (Technical Data) (2.1 MB)
Appendix H Chapter 7 (Technical Data) (0.6 MB)


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