Beorma Quarter Development, Birmingham, UK

Earth and Marine Environmental Consultants Limited (EAME) were commissioned by Salhia Investments (Birmingham) Limited and Salhia Investments (Residential) Limited (jointly, the Client, site owner & developer) to compile an Environmental Statement (ES) as defined by the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) (England and Wales) Regulations 2011 (as amended). This based on an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) that is required in association with the planned re-development of a moribund site in Digbeth with a mixed use city centre development comprising office, retail, and residential uses with associated support buildings and infrastructure. The subject site, to be known as The Beorma Quarter is located on the south eastern edge of Birmingham city centre.

Project Overview

Situated in Digbeth opposite the Bullring, the Beorma development is a flagship mixed use scheme comprising demolition of existing buildings, erection of two new block structures including a 30 storey tower building alongside refurbished listed buildings or building facades, and offering retail space (A1, A2, A3), business space (B1a), residential apartments (C3) and live-work units, together with ground source and other energy systems, surface level servicing and new landscape areas. A related development known as Beorma Phase 1 was approved in 2009 is now underway and will provide a hotel in addition to office, leisure and retail uses.  The Phase 1 development is the subject of a separate planning application and EIA and is not addressed further in this ES which focuses on Phases 2 and 3.

ES Documentation

Non-technical Summary (1.4 MB)

ES Full Report (not including appendices) (20.0 MB)

ES Cover Page & Contents (0.4 MB)

Chapter 1 Introduction (0.6 MB)

Chapter 2 Existing Description (0.9 MB)

Chapter 3 Proposed Development (1.0 MB)

Chapter 4 Assessment Methodology (0.4 MB)

Chapter 5 Planning Policy Context (0.8 MB)

Chapter 6 Socio-Economic Issues (1.5 MB)

Chapter 7 Townscape and Visual Impact (3.2 MB)

Chapter 8 Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (1.2 MB)

Chapter 9 Traffic and Transport (0.5 MB)

Chapter 10 Air Quality (1.0 MB)

Chapter 11 Noise and Vibration (0.7 MB)

Chapter 12 Ecology and Nature Conservation (0.5 MB)

Chapter 13 Water Quality and Hydrology (0.8 MB)

Chapter 14 Soils Geology and Contamination (1.8 MB)

Chapter 15 Wind and Microclimate (1.2 MB)

Chapter 16 Daylight, Sunlight, Overshadowing and Night Light (1.7 MB)

Chapter 17 Telecommunication Interference (0.9 MB)

Chapter 18 Waste Management (0.5 MB)

Chapter 19 Conclusions (0.5 MB)

ES Technical Appendices (In Full) (23.0 MB)

Appendix 01 Scoping Report (1.9 MB)

Appendix 06 Socio-Economic Calculations (0.4 MB)

Appendix 08 Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Reports (16.1 MB)

Appendix 10 Air Quality Reports (1.0 MB)

Appendix 13 Water Quality and Hydrology Reports (0.3 MB)


Appendix 14 Soils Geology and Contamination (1.6 MB)

Appendix 15 Wind and Microclimate Reports (0.7 MB)

Sustainability Statement (0.8 MB)

For all enquiries regarding this project, please feel free to contact us here using the subject line ‘Beorma Quarter ES’.

All comments will be collated by EAME and passed to the Beorma project team.

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