According to the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) covering just 0.7% of Europe’s total land with photovoltaic modules would provide 100% of the continent’s electricity needs. In addition the world’s cumulative solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity capacity surpassed 100 gigawatts (GW) in 2012. This global capacity to harness the power of the sun produces as much electricity energy in a year as 16 coal power plants or nuclear reactors of 1 GW each. Each year, the world’s PV installations reduce CO2 emissions by 53 million tons.

The Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) scheme was introduced on 1 April 2010, under powers in the Energy Act 2008. Through the use of FITs, the UK Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) hopes to encourage deployment of additional small-scale (less than 5MW) low-carbon electricity generation, particularly by organisations, businesses, communities and individuals that have not traditionally engaged in the electricity market.

EAME is able to offer a range of consulting services to organisations wishing to develop renewable energy schemes and install plant. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Project management
  • Development constraints evaluation
  • Energy options appraisals
  • Site selection appraisals
  • Due-diligence
  • EIA co-ordination and Environmental Statement (ES) preparation
  • Ecological surveys & biodiversity assessments
  • Land quality (Phase I/II and remediation services)
  • Waste management (construction & operational)
Key Project Experience

Recent key project experience has included:

  • Solar Farm Developments, UK – EAME staff are currently evaluating a number of 5MW+ solar farm projects on brownfield sites in southern England.
EAME Key Contact

If you require further information or you want to enquire about our range of services please contact Michael Sylvester.