Project Rios – Sewage and Rainwater Systems in the City of Hillah, Iraq


The existing sewage and rainwater management infrastructure in Al-Hillah District, Iraq is old and inadequate in terms of capacity, condition, and capability to manage rainwater and wastewater and meet the demands of the expanding population. As a result, there is a demonstrable need for the installation of a system to support the poorly functioning existing infrastructure. As such, The Ministry of Construction, Housing, and Municipalities together with the Governorate of Babel have developed a three-phase plan to upgrade the sewage drainage system of the district.

The main contract was entered into by GCITJ Babel Ltd (“The Company / The SPV”), which is an incorporated Joint Venture registered in England & Wales under No. (13142364) formed by the following entities:

  • GAMA Industrial Plants Manufacturing & Erection Inc. – a Turkish Based Company.
  • James Cubitt & Partners Ltd – a UK Based Company.
  • Al-Ehtifad General Contracting Co. Ltd – an Iraqi Based Company.
  • Al-Tafweed General Trading Co. Ltd – an Iraqi Based Company.
  • Jazirah Al-Mansour Trading & Investment Co. Ltd – a Jordanian Based Company

The proposed development has been subjected to an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) to determine the baseline environmental and social conditions and to predict the potential impacts (positive and negative) of the proposed development.  The results of this study are presented in a comprehensive report which is downloadable via the links on this page.

Project Overview

The Project forms part of a multiphase strategy for the whole of the Governorate intended to substantially improve and upgrade stormwater and wastewater management infrastructure and capacity. This phase of the Project (and the subject of this ESIA) includes:

  • Five new sewage pumping stations;
  • Four new rainwater pumping stations;
  • Three combined sewage/rainwater pumping stations;
  • One temporary cement batching plant;
  • Two temporary laydown/storage areas;
  • One temporary engineering field office; and
  • an extensive local sewage and storm water transport (pipeline) network to connect these new pumping stations to the wider network, effluent treatment plant and river outfalls.

Overall, the development sites (footprint) associated with this Project are relatively small and spread throughout the city.
The surface water aspects of the Project will utilize the existing discharge points into the Shatt Al Hillah channel (i.e. there will be no additional discharge points). The sewage collection systems will transfer collected material to the existing Hillah Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP).

ESIA Documentation

The links to the finalised ESIA documentation will be provided once approved for public release.

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