The Wheat Quarter, Welwyn Garden City

EAME is pleased to confirm that Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council have approved (on 10/12/18) the plans for the iconic Former Shredded Wheat Factory in Welwyn Garden CityThe plans for The Wheat Quarter will deliver nearly 1,500 new homes, a wellness centre, employment space, an art hub and a new Civic Building.

EAME has been involved with the site since July 2017 during which it has conducted extensive environmental assessments in-line with current guidance. 

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EAME to Speak at IBBC Autumn Conference

EAME’s MD (Steve Rowan) has been asked to be a panellist at the IBBC Autumn Conference that is due to be held in Dubai on 24-25 November 2018. Steve is taking part in Session 4 (Infrastructure – Rebuilding & Utilities Supply) on Sunday 25th November 2018 alongside Christopher M. Cantelmi, Principal, IFC, Dr Wishdan Salim, Iraqi Prime Minister’s Advisory Commission, Robert Helme, Wood,  Jean-Claude Nasr, Siemens MENA and Professor Frank Gunter, Lehigh University, USA.

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Stakeholder Engagement Survey – Iraq Substation Project

Much of Iraq’s power infrastructure is outdated and inefficient resulting in frequent outages and can impact upon the people’s health as well as damaging the economy. GE are working with the Ministry of Electricity to construct 15 substations across Iraq to help produce a more reliable electricity supply. EAME has been contracted to investigate the potential environmental and social impacts of constructing and operating these substations. 

Using a questionnaire accessed using the link below, EAME wishes to engage with the general Iraqi public in order to gather people’s views and concerns of the project. It would be appreciated if you could complete the questionnaire.


State of the art golf course and resort in Guyana

For a number of months, EAME has been working hard with the international design team for a lifestyle community in Guyana. The project is phased and on the 19th October 2018, Lusignan Golf Club and the Jack Nicklaus Group signed a US$100m agreement to develop the first phase – a new state of the art golf course and resort in Guyana. Once complete, the development will include  executive houses, an international school, medical facilities and sports ground.

EAME has been present on the Design Team since its inception and Steve Rowan, EAME’s MD, noted that ‘as an environmental consultant, one of the frustrations of our work is that we are often plugged into a project well down the design path when it is too late to influence or even opine on the environmental & sustainability aspects of the project – we just assess the impacts. We are delighted to be involved in this landmark development project in Guyana, where we have been in the Design Team from Day 1. We have the remit from and support of the stakeholders in developing the sustainable design brief for this benchmark setting multi-faceted community development. We are going to ensure that this development accords with Guyana’s Green State Strategy and will be looking at energy, waste, water, construction materials, employment, local content, ecosystems, transport, climate change resilience, carbon performance’.

EAME offers a range of services allowing its clients to manage their environmental and social and has been involved with various infrastructure developments in Guyana since 2016 after it was identified as an emerging market with whom EAME could develop long-standing relationships and alliances.

Basra Water Crisis

Basra is suffering a water quality crisis with a reported 18,000 people hospitalised. Iraq Oil Report has published an article on this topic and included a photograph of the riverbank of the Shatt Al-Arab Waterway taken by EAME.

EAME is an environmental consultancy operating in Iraq since 2010. EAME provides a range of services which allows for international funders, developers, oil companies and Export Credit Agencies to manage their environmental and social risks in such a challenging environment.

IEMA – Troubled Transition Article

Steve Rowan and Leeza Pickering were pleased to contribute an article this October’s issue of TRANSFORM magazine which is published by IEMA for environmental and sustainability professionals.

The article concerned with Guyana and how the country can avoid the resource curse which has afflicted several countries in a similar situation to Guyana. Both Steve and Leeza are heavily involved with helping develop Guyana’s infrastructure following its significant offshore oil discoveries and their personal experiences have been incorporated into the article.

EAME is involved with various infrastructure developments in Guyana after it was identified as an emerging market with whom EAME could develop long-standing relationships and alliances. EAME is an consultancy specialising in the management of environmental and social risks in emerging markets. EAME is based in the UK, Romania, Iraq and Guyana and specialises in Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and environmental and social due diligence (ESDD).

New Intern for Newcastle Office

EAME are pleased to announce that Leeza Pickering has joined EAME as an intern. Leeza attends Northumbria University, studying environmental management, and decided to take up the option of a one-year placement. Leeza will be involved with our UK and International work and has already been on-site gas and groundwater monitoring as well as getting to grips with the environmental and socio-economic conditions of Guyana and Iraq.


EAME wins new project in Iraq

Newcastle-based Earth & Marine Environmental Consultants (EAME), a small environmental consultancy specialising in emerging markets, has secured further project wins in Iraq.

EAME has commenced nationwide multi-site environmental and social assessments of electrical distribution infrastructure, as part of a nationally strategic project. Further details reported at

EAME attends CIWEM Annual Dinner

EAME were pleased to be invited to the CIWEM Annual Dinner, held at the impressive Drapers Hall, by HWH & Associates. EAME and HWH have been working together in Iraq for several years and it was great to build on establishing relationships and developing new ones.

EAME is an environmental consultancy based in UK, Iraq and Guyana who offer a range of environmental services including Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), contaminated land risk assessment, investigation and remediation, geotechnical site investigations, metocean studies, environmental auditing and environmental monitoring.

EAME ESIA at Umm Qasr Port

Basra Multi-purpose Terminal (BMT), the largest multi-purpose port facility in Iraq, announces a major development in the Port of Umm Qasr. Marking a significant expansion to their existing facilities, BMT will be increasing their total investment in Umm Qasr Port to over USD 200 million, aimed to further advance the port in the international trade and transport sector.

EAME has conducted Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) on behalf of BMT. The ultimate objective of the ESIA process is to characterise the baseline environmental and social conditions and to set out measures to avoid, minimise, mitigate and manage adverse impacts to acceptable levels as defined by Iraqi regulatory requirements and Good International Industry Practice (GIIP) and the requirements of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Social and Environmental Performance Standards (IFC, 2012) and IFC Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Guidelines (2007).

In addition to the main ESIA report EAME has undertaken a detailed desk study, baseline field studies, project risk ranking assessment, public exhibitions (in Iraq) and preparation of a Stakeholder Engagement Plan.  

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